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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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there was no holding back in last night's republican debate. we have the latest on what's at stake heading into tomorrow's primary where 150 delegates are up for grabs. rabs. good morning, welcome to mornings on two. it's friday four. >> happy friday everybody. i'm brian florez. >> the rain is on its way. probably some by this evening. we had a little overnight. a lot of cloud cover here. everything is coming together. not much in the way of rain this
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morning. we will deal with a lot of cloud cover though. rainfall still looks good for the next five days. about 2-4 inches. here's the key there. you can see this moisture streaming across and we're going to get good support from the jet stream. 50s and 60s. the breeze hasn't picked up yet. but it will out of the southeast. rain develops by this afternoon and then by the weekend it will really kick in. cloudy and mile rain picks up later. widespread rain by tonight. cooler and normal temps. cooler by the coast. we don't have a lot going on but we're waiting and watching. traffic is going to be busy if you're driving around some of these areas starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see the traffic is not
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bad. it's empty and no major problems getting on the bridge. interstate 80 south bound in front of the coliseum it's a nice looking drive. there are no major problems through this area as you drive through. we're also looking at some of the other commutes here. traffic on south bound 101 through san ra fell looks good. it's 4:02 back to the desk. a warning has gone out to employees at east bay college about a sexual assault on campus. the alleged attack happened after 9:00 last night in pittsburgh. it took place in the woman's bathroom on the second floor. the suspect is described as a white man in his 30s and six feet tall. he had a black bandanna covering part of his face.
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if you have any information call campus police. crews will remove a large tree that fell on a car last night. police received a report about the tree collapse near memorial stadium before 8:00 p.m. it's estimated the tree was 35 feet tall. tp car was taken away and the tree is still blocking a section of piedmont. new security cameras are helping investigators identify the people involved at the santa clara county jail. it shows two people punching each other. the fight triggered a lock down. deputies broke up the brawl using pepper spray. >> looks like one inmate brushed up against each other and the fight was on with fists. we'll be able to see who was the aggressor and who was assaulted in the fight.
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>> the day happened after the sheriff installed a dozen security cameras in the jail. she went to costco and bought the cameras herself. the new surveillance system won't be in separation for another full years. the deputies must stand trial for the beating death of an inmate. they are accused of killing inmate michael tyree and assaulting another inmate last year. the medical examiner testified his death was clearly a homicide and the judge ruled there was enough evidence for a trial. >> i'm happy they are held over and now it's the start of a long road. >> it's going to take a long time to unfold. this is basically a prosecutor's area where they put on their evidence and that's the end of it. >> both sides due back in
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superior court on march 14th for an arraignment. elevated levels of lead in the water in haelds burg school. county tests last week showed the water at the elementary school is now safe to drink. haeldz burg jr. high is handing out bottled water and moved food preparation to another school for precaution. it could take weeks to get the results of the water tests. according to the chronicle, a number of parked cars have been knocked out of service because of the tube. there is speculation that the problem may be connected to last
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year's rail replacement in the tube. bart has been forced to run shorter trains. bart is getting ready to try out a new rewards program called bart perks. they would earn points by riding at off peak times. rewards ranging from a cash prize. >> it would work. >> bart and the san francisco transportation authority are reaching out to employers located near downtown san francisco bart stations and encourage them to have employees sign up and let them work in the off peak hours. >> the program is set to roll out for a six month test run this spring. they got the idea from the transit system in singapore which has been a success. republican candidates
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regrouping this morning after a bruising debate in detroit. there was no holding back. >> reporter: rival campaigns are running out of time and opportunities to block donald trump and this is what it led to last night in detroit. >> i beat hillary clinton in many polls. >> if you're our nominee. >> reporter: it wasn't just limited to this stage in detroit. earlier in the day 2012 republican nominee mitt romney launched a blistering and personal attack on the current gop front runner. >> donald trump is a phony and a fraud. >> he just have beaten obama easily. >> reporter: now there's an
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unspoken alliance between ted cruz and marco rubio to focus on trump hitting him on his trump university and shifting positions on a number of issues. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. i know it's hard. i know it's hard. >> when they're done with yoga can i answer a question? >> you cannot. i hope you don't see yoga on the stage. >> you're very flexible so never know. >> john kasich refusing to take the debate on trump last night. he's part of the effort to deny trump support especially in ohio. in this shrinking field that didn't include ben carson. trump did leap to his own defense what is a sensitive line of attack from marco rubio. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? >>reporter: everyone has their eyes on march 15th because the
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"stop trump strategy" relies on a couple big things to happen. john kasich has to win his home state of ohio. marco rubio has to pick up florida. that could push this to a floor fight at the republican convention this summer. in washington, doug lizader, fox news. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are putting the global economy at the center of their campaign. hillary clinton is setting up ways to remove economic barriers for families. the democrats focus on manufacturing jobs and trade policy will form the backdrop for michigan's primary on march 8 and contests a week later in ohio and missouri. a 97-year old woman facing eviction has died. marie had been living in the
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same cottage for 66 years. she had a deal with the original property owner that she could remain in the cottage the rest of her life if she maintained it. but the current owners want to sell the home and gave hatch and her roommate till april to leave. the attorney said they will continue the fight on behalf of the roommate. police now say 20-year old mariah was caught on surveillance using her hands to smother the crying 13-month old boy she was caring for in lifrm. the camera recorded the boy crying. -- -- liver mor. the time now is 4:10. more cases of the zika virus here in the bay area. where the latest cases have been
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reported and the bay area company stepping up to help the fight against the virus. another in the win column for the warriors. they tied last night. good morning, we're looking at your morning commute that looks good. if you're driving on this commute here it looks good out to the high-rise. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning. we get a break for most of the commute. the evening commute and into the weekend looks crazy wet. we'll talk about that. that.
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the warriors continue their win streak. stephen curry was back in and led all scores with 33 points. welcome back. it was a back and forth game until the fourth quarter when the warriors took over. shawn livingston had a good game off the bench. >> it's an amazing accomplishment. comp mriments to us and the team and the coach and our fans that give us the home court advantage. >> he seems so easy and free
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when they talk and play. they play next week against the lakers. they are back at oracle hosting the orlando magic. they have the chance to break the record for longest home game streak. the magic won 40 straight home games the same time the bulls did and the boston celtics won 30 straight home games in the 80s. prince is taking over oracle arena playing a show there tonight. he got an early look at the floor sitting court side. he walked in wearing sunglasses and carrying a silver cane. we know it's all you, prince. he's a fan of stephen curry. after the game stephen curry tweeted this picture -- there it is, picture of a purple hallway at oracle arena. he wrote "think they were
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expecting someone special tonight". time now is 4:15. sending it to sal. the rain is not coming until later? >> right now it's dry out there. good morning, everyone. you will see the traffic is not bad. the bridge traffic looks good heading out to high-rise. no major problems. anywhere we look it's light travel. this is the golden gate bridge and no major issues. if you're drooiing on highway 101 into san francisco it looks nice. no major problems. we'll see what happens later as more people join us on the roads. at 4:16 let's go to receive.
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>> the lighting must be bright there at the coliseum. >> yeah, looks like he had a cane because he couldn't see. >> i hope he is okay. >> me too. nothing is organized yet front rise but the rain will pick up later. i think up towards menacino county some of it doesn't show up. there's rain into the weekend and monday. by the time we meet again we could get brief heavy rain, 4-7 inches in some of the coastal locations. some urban and small stream flood advisories are possible. it will really crank up saturday evening. there hasn't been moisture at the lower levels but there will be. you take that and lift it and that's a classic set up for
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parts of rushing rivers. that looks to be taking shape over the weekend. looks good through saturday night. i've seen some 10-13-inch amounts over the next seven days. areas around the feather river canyon. out ahead of that we get the warm sector. so light rain and 50s and 60s. oakland 60 and sfo in there as well. north bay temps cooler but everyone is in the 50. mill valley 55. looks like more of a wind event in the sears sierra. once we get the jet stream and cooler air aloft helps. that moves in. today is more of a cloud event. the rain will pick up by this
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evening and the stronger part of the front comes in. this is saturday night and another moving through on sunday. cloudy and mild for most of the morning you're okay. widespread rain develops tonight. it will be cooler on these high temps. a lot of 66 and 67. but it's tomorrow. rain will develop ahead of that fast and the wind will crank up. maybe a little break sunday morning. i know the napa valley marathon is sunday morning. i can't give you specifics. it's such a broad brush but i would prepare for rain. >> keep those runners cool. >> i won't be hot. i'll tell you that. >> my daughter's little league opening ceremony is sunday morning, steve. >> yeah i've heard from everybody. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you. giant fans will notice changes at at&t park this
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season. there's extra higher netting extending to the home plate edge of each dug out. it's to help prevent fan injuries. giants presidentd to the chronicle the netting is strong enough to block foul balls and bats -- -- president told. the sight for three future super bowls will be determined. the last time new orleans hosted a super bowl was in 2013. atlanta, south florida and tampa are also up. next year's super bowl 51 is in houston and 52 is in minneapolis. chilly game there. >> no question about that.
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time now is 4:20. tensions increasing on the korean pence la and the nuclear threat from north korea.
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a car bomb attack in turkey kills two people police officer.
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a balcony collapses at a concert in new zealand. young people crammed on to balconies and nearby buildings to see the concert and one fell on the people gathered below. eight people taken to the hospital. an environmental activist from honduras was shot and killed at her home. she launched a successful campaign opposing a dam on a river considered sacred by indeng nous groups in honduras. she was shot and killed yesterday by at least two gunmen who broke in her home. there's widespread violence against human acty viss in hon durs. north korea's response to new tougher sanctions imposed by
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the un. this latest threat comes a day after north korea fired several short range missiles in the sea. >> it's true they fired the missiles and it would be another example of unnecessarily provocative conduct by north korea. >> they have made nuclear threats in the past but u.s. officials do not think they have the ability to launch missiles. take a look here. this is six month old albie. she's available now. she was one of 64 dogs rescued from a meat farm and brought back to california. last year more than two dozens animals were rescued from south
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korea and found homes quickly here. happening today bay area lawmakers will announce legislation that would provide funding for those hurt by the shut down of california's commercial crab season. the emergency disaster act would give more than $138 million to help crab fishermen businesses. crab season was scheduled to start back in november but put on hold after public health officials determined crab have high levels of toxins that can be harmful to humans. more concern about the zika virus in the bay area. we'll tell you why the reason health officials say you shouldn't worry. bart trains being knocked out of service. the mystery problem that could make your bart community even more crowded. good morning. looking at a morning commute not bad here if you're driving on
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280 in san hose, we'll tell you more. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning. an update on your weekend forecast. 0 jong frun
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welcome back. happy friday. i'm brian flores. >> i'm allie rasmus. pam cook will be in at 5:00. let's start your look at weather and traffic. people expecting rain today? >> it's on its way. it will really kick in this weekend. today a lot of cloud cover and everything is coming together for a good rain event over the weekend. we will be gradually increasing throughout the day. most of the morning commute is cloudy. there's fog out there.
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i may show that. it's on the golden gate bridge as well. so occasionally light rain will continue. looks like a strong system possible flooding for urban and small stream flood advisory and gusts up to 50 miles per hour. everybody is getting in on this. we need help from the jet stream. it will get its act together by the weekend. very mild pattern and cold air doesn't arrive until sunday and you'll notice it's cloudy and mild and occasional light rain. rain really starts to develop later this afternoon and tonight more likely into the weekend. 60s for the most part. >> happy friday to you. we're doing okay


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